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Blocking Gossip Girl Pj

The Pj you will want to wear anywhere


Bedtime Blocking Shirt Pj

The iconic shirt Pj. Don't go sleep without it


Goodnight Glam Long Pj

Naturally cool & Cotton Soft


Perfectly Natural

Our Pj's are highly moisture wicking, comfortable to wear. As any other fiber cotton is breathable because it allows air to flow through freely, cotton absorbs sweat, is resist static, soft and versatile.

They are all machine-washable with a finished that resist wrinkling.


100% Cotton


Our Story

Our Factory

Our 20.000 square feet factory is a state-of-the-art facility. Manufacturing employees, designers, product development, financial and account executives collaborate collectively under one roof.

Our Products

Our products are a testament to our unwavering commitment to thoughtful design and lasting craftsmanship.

Ethically Made

Buying a garment from a responsible brand ensures that you have agency over your personal style, are getting a quality product, and are protecting those that need it most.